Manicure Services

All our spa manicure treatments are multiple –step pampering rituals than include cleaning, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage, and buff or polish.

Royal Manicure                                 $37/35 minutes

Maintain your healthy hands with Dead Sea Mineral including:

  • 15 minutes of hand with hot stones massage
  • Mineral Mud Mask – Relieve symptoms of stress and pain
  • Salt & Oil Scrub – Gently ex-foliates dry skin stimulating cell renewal
  • Body Butter – Replenish dry skin/restore its healthy glow
  • Paraffin – Maintain soft silk looking skin and hot towel wrap

Tropical Deluxe Manicure               $32/30 minutes

Relax with our tropical deluxe including:

  • 10 minutes of hand with hot stones massage
  • Citrus salt soak
  • Cucumber Scrub and Mask with hot towels wrap

Deluxe Manicure                               $22/20 minutes

Our deluxe treatment including:

  • Soak with hand soap
  • Lavender scrub with hot towel wrap
  • 5 minutes hands massage with lotion

Express Manicure                             $17/15 minutes

Our Express Manicure including:

  • Soak with hand soap
  • 3 minutes hand massage with lotion.
Little Princess Mani/Pedi (under 12):
Manicure                                                $12
Pedicure                                                 $17
Combo (1 free design)                         $27
Addition Services:
French tip polish                                                 $5
Nail art designs (2 nails)                                     $5+
Hot Stone Massage                                             $5
Paraffin wax Hands/feet                                    $6
Long Nails                                                             $5+
Special Shapes                                                     $5
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